How It Works



Interview And Hire Your Offshore Team As Quickly As It Takes To Write A Job Description!


With an office in the Philippines, over 200 staff, a world-class recruitment team, and staff pre-trained and ready to go, we can have candidates on Skype or Google Hangouts ready to go within 2 hours for almost any position listed on our website.

Job Description

Let our recruitment guru’s know exactly what and who you need and they will scour our office and CV’s to find your the perfect VA

Candidate Shortlisting

Your dedicated talent scout will find you 3 suitable candidates, often within a few hours and ready for interview

Skype Interviews & Selection

Interview candidates via videoconference and choose your favourite candidate and have them begin working for you that day!


Your account manager will work with you to teach you all of the tricks and tips to working with Filipinos and mastering managing staff in the cloud

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